O Cesare, si ha quel che si dà?

Malbec (100% Malbec)

Malbec is a variety common in France and Argentina but not very common in Tuscany. When Enrico Fossi decided to plant a hectare of Malbec (we are talking about the 90’s), he had in mind, unlike what they do in France, to create a 100% Malbec wine barricaded and with a degree of importance certainly not inferior to other more noble grape varieties. It can be said that he succeeded, creating a truly unique wine.

Organoleptic notes

Dark purple color, exotic aromas of red currant, cinnamon and cardamom. The hints refer to raspberry liqueurs of a certain intensity and to chocolate. Important structure accompanied by a superb longevity and a finish where dark chocolate becomes predominant.

Technical notes

Soil: calcareous-clayey

Altitude: 110 meters

Vine training: pruned-spur cordon trained

Yield per hectare: 30 qli / ha