Today, 28th March 2019, I am going to write the first article of my blog about one of my absolute favorite wines, Malbec.

Very generous and little used grape in Italy (although appreciated abroad and in particular in Argentina), it requires a lot of attention and care during all stages of growth.

It is said that a great wine is born in the vineyard and in the case of a rough diamond like the Malbec this maxim is more than true. Since the buds have been opened, the plant must be controlled very carefully especially at the moment immediately before veraison when the “sacrifice” (forgive me this eloquence) of some bunches can allow a better development to the others that remain attached to the vine.

The wine is elegant and structured, purple in color, hints of dark chocolate that I personally love.

The best vintage I have ever tried is 2013.

The best dish I’ve paired with this wine belongs to the Tuscan culinary tradition: “La lepre (hare) dolce e forte”.

At the conclusion of my first article, I reiterate the importance of this vine and its attitude to give, following precise and rigorous criteria, a Wine ( the uppercase letter is put on purpose ) outside the schemes and of a quality undoubtedly high.


Sasha Fossi

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