Our Philosophy

The production of a high-class wine respecting the environment and making the vine produce as few as possible is at the heart of the Fossi winemaking philosophy.

Enrico and Sasha Fossi produce wine seeking the highest quality that can only be obtained with an extreme work both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

To obtain a great wine it’s necessary to have the best vines, a perfect microclimate, the mentality of producing little to the plant and a sensitivity that allows to understand when to make those “small but important things” that make the difference between a wine and a great wine.

Commercial yeasts are not used but only local ones.

Our wines, with the exception of “Vento”, are all in purity and spend a period of aging in barriques of 24/36 months.

Vecchie barriques, filosofia vino solo barriques
L'Azienda Vitivinicola Fossi: foto scattata all'alba

The Work on the vine

The works that take place in the vineyard are numerous and all are important for having a grape that, worked in the right way, can give us a great wine.

The Work in the cellar

The works in the cellar are very delicate because, if a great wine is born in the vineyard, mistakes during the vinification and / or aging can irreparably compromise it.

Solo barriques: è la nostra filosofia vino