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Renano (100% Riesling Renano)

Among the white grapes, the Riesling Renano could not be missing, the most important vine of the Rhine region and particularly suitable for the creation of aged white wines. The 1000 Riesling vines are located in a particular area of ​​the vineyard, where the soil is very rich in minerals. The vines, which are more than 30 years old, and our production techniques, ensure that the bottles produced are extremely few and never more than 1000. Finesse, complexity and minerality are the essential characteristics of our Riesling Renano.

The grapes were harvested in the second half of September early in the morning, in perfect climatic conditions. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is carried out in small oak barrels, the refinement in steel tanks.
A voluminous wine, the aromas recall ripe apple, honey and fig, combined with rich mineral notes.
Bottles produced: 500