“Syrah” is certainly one of the best known and most loved vines in the world; many winelovers would do anything to have a great bottle of Syrah.
When my father decided to plant the first hectare of Syrah, he had in mind to create a wine of great consistency, unique among many of its kind. One of the secrets for making a Syrah worthy of this name is given by the choice and the wise use of the barrique.

Among all our wines, Syrah is one of the most awarded in the specialized press: in the first guide of the “Espresso”, to everyone’s amazement, Syrah 1999 was judged the third best wine in Italy and the best in Tuscany. It is an award that my father and I are proud of, considering the importance of the guides at the time (which today, sadly, have much less importance and authority than in the past).

Intense ruby ​​red color, the most evident hints are blackberry and strawberry. My favorite vintage is 2008, a structured wine with intense aromas, of great power and viscosity with a long and pleasantly persistent finish. I am sure that this powerful wine with such a fabulous concentration it will last at least until 2030.

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