Enrico Fossi con dietro la vigna

Enrico Fossi

The secret to making a great wine? Much passion, spirit of sacrifice, adequate microclimate, the best clonal selections, the risk understood as a resource ...

Enrico Fossi, driven by the passion of wine (or “divine fury” as Daniel Thomases said) decided to abandon his work as a textile entrepreneur to dedicate body and soul to the creation of quality wines, in an area considered not suitable for viticulture. His was a won bet, as evidenced by the many awards (best Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon of Italy according to the guide Veronelli 2000, third of Italy and best wine of Tuscany (Syrah 1999) according to the guide of Espresso 2002).
The WineAdvocate- Robert Parker Jr. evaluated the wines in its 2004 edition by assigning the following scores: Sassoforte 1999 score 95/100, Syrah 2001 score 93/100, Portico 2001 score 94/100, Vignavento 2001 score 92/100, Unico 2001 score 91/100, Malbec 2001 score 90/100.
His passion and desire to improve continues even today thanks to the precious help of his son Sasha, intended above all to continuity if not to the improvement that motivated forces can infuse the winery.

Sasha Fossi

It is important to have the sensitivity to understand when it is time to do those small but fundamental operations that make the difference between a good wine and a ``great`` wine.

Sasha Fossi, born in 1995, started working with his father at the age of 16 and since then has been enchanted by the world of wine. After graduating from the “Pie Fiorentine Schools of Florence”, he decided to enroll at the University.. In April 2018 he got the degree in oenology.
Sasha Fossi shares the mentality of his father Enrico, convinced that it is necessary to devote much attention, spirit of sacrifice and experimentation for the creation of a great wine.

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