Our Vineyards

The vineyards (9 ha) are located in Signa and enjoy a microclimate and soil particularly suited for the production of quality wines.

It’s necessary to do a lot of work in the vineyard during the year and have a great spirit of sacrifice in order to make a really good product.

Vine training

Considering the geography of the territory, the vines are set to pruned- spur cordon trained and the density (vines / ha ratio) is very high.


Pruning is a very important operation to regulate production in a qualitative sense. Each variety has particular characteristics that must be carefully considered both during winter pruning and during green pruning.

Green Cover

The Green Cover is an eco-compatible technique that allows to reduce the erosion in our hillside vineyards and to obtain an improvement of the soil structure.

Protection of the vine

Vine diseases have led to considerable damage, but huge efforts have been made in counteracting them in recent years and very positive results have been achieved. Each variety has a different susceptibility to pathogens and a deep knowledge of these allows to contain the disease using a low quantity of product.


This technique, which is the elimination of some bunches before veraison, allows to raise the quality of the grapes to the detriment of quantity.


Harvest is the most important (and delicate) moment of the year. The choice of data is crucial and is taken only after several analytical and sensory tests.