La lotta esiste perché esiste il lottatore

Unico (100% Gamay)

What prompted Enrico Fossi to plant a hectare of Gamay in Tuscany to make it a barricaded wine in purity? Usually Gamay is used on France to make it a light, unpretentious wine (the famous “Beaujolais nouveau”): in our situation we are talking about something completely different, a wine that makes at least 24 months in barrique, very different from the various “beaujolais”.

Organoleptic notes

Intense color, crunchy red fruit on the nose. Full-bodied, mineral and rounded wine, predominant sensations of black pepper and black cherry, well-defined and non-aggressive acidity.

Technical notes

Soil: calcareous-clayey

Altitude: 120 meters

Vine training: pruned-spur cordon trained

Yield per hectare: 25 qli / ha